Madison County Winery & RV Resort
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10942 S. 400 E.
Markleville, In.

2 miles south of St. Rd. 38
  It all started in 2008.  Eric liked to make his own beer and wine.  So, his friends were asking if he would sell them some of his wine.  Of course, he  couldn't.  He had his parents try his wine.  Both, knew he was on to something. They agreed to back him in a new venture of Wine Making.  The rest is history.  
  We started out south of Markleville.  Built a small two story barn, to make the wine in.  We inherited an old mobile home when we bought the property.  So, instead of tearing down the mobile, we fixed it up and turned it into the tasting room, for a short while.
  In April of 2010 we moved the tasting room to downtown Pendleton, In.  After a year we expanded into the next shop.  We started out with Ruby Red Wines and Amber Red Wines (now retired).  Added Hard Cider and Hard Cider with Cinnamon and Mead (Honey Wine).  We now have Blackberry Wine, Chocolate and Vanilla Wines, Cayuga White, Seyval and Cabernet Franc.  Our newest additions are Peach, Hard Lemonade, Not So Innocent OJ and Hard Iced Tea. 
  July of 2012 we have introduced our newest wines, Peach Sweet and Peach Semi-Sweet!  Mixed with Peach Bellini Wine-A-Rita for an over the top treat!
  In 2013 was the birth of Raspberry Mead and we brought Amber Red out of retirement.  2018 we have reintroduced our line of Meads.
  September of 2014 we introduced First Blush.  2016 has brought out 3 new Port like wines.  2019 we will be opening our new RV Resort.
  Look for our new shop south of Markleville, In. on 400E., 2 miles south of St. Rd. 38.
We celebrated our Grand Opening on October 11, 2014.  Visitors can drink a bottle of wine on the porch overlooking the vineyard or in the shop at a table by the fire.  Visitors may purchase a pizza and a glass of wine. 
  Or take a walk through the grape vines and see the progress of their growth.

Duke and his new fruit press that he made himself.
Our 2011 contest WINNER!!
Our Booth at the Atlanta Earth Festival 2010.
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Our new Wine Shop!
2012 Contest Winner!
Stacie Pickering
our Grand Opening basket
                                    Our first painting class! 
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