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    Eric got into the hobby of making home-brewed beer.  He soon ventured onto home-made wine.  Eric liked to share his creations with his family and friends.  His friends liked his beer and wine so well that they asked him if he would start selling it to them.  Since he can't legally sell them wine without a permit, he decided that he would like to obtain the proper permits so he could.  He decided to talk to his parents about helping him start a winery.  They thought his wine was good and felt that it would be a good venture and agreed to help him out.  

    We purchased land south of Markleville and built a small, two story barn to make the wine in.  In April of 2010 we moved the tasting room to downtown Pendleton.  A year later we moved the tasting room to Pendleton, we expanded our shop to allow us more well-needed space.  
    We started out producing two red wines:  Ruby Red and Amber Red, both are now retired.  We then expanded our wine selection to add Mead and different types of Hard Ciders.  Since then we have added many other wines including Blackberry, Chocolate, Cayuga, Seyval, Cabernet Franc, ports and many more.
    In 2014, we decided to move our tasting room and gift shop back out to Markleville.  So, we built a new facility which included a bigger space to make our expanding selections of wine.   The move back to Markleville allowed us to have more seating area for our guests. 
    So, if you are wanting to find something to do, come out to Madison County Winery to try our variety of unique wines.  During your visit, you can enjoy a glass of wine on the porch overlooking the vineyard or enjoy a glass of wine by the fire.

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Pendleton Store Front
Vineyard and Tasting Room